1. a tangled twisted mass
  2. a complicated or confused state or condition
    I tried to sort through this tangle and got nowhere.
  3. an argument, conflict, dispute, or fight



  • (to mix together or intertwine): [[distangle]], [[unsnarl]]

6 letters in word "tangle": A E G L N T.

Anagrams of tangle:

Words found within tangle:

ae ag age agen agent aglet al ale alt an ane angel angle ant ante at ate ea ean eat egal el elan elt en eng et eta etna gae gaen gal gale gan gane gant gat gate geal gean geat gel gelt gen gena genal gent get geta glean glen glent gnat la lag lane lang lant lat late laten lea lean leant leat leg leng lent let na nae nag nat ne neal neat neg net ta tae tael tag tale tan tane tang te tea teal teg tel tela ten tenga

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